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Teen Advisory Board
Join the MLPL Teen Advisory Board today!
What you’ll do:
-Help plan teen programs
-Recommend books, movies, and music for purchase
-Earn volunteer hours
-Make new friends
-Have fun!
Next Meeting: TBD
Fill out an application or email mcgowans@einetwork.net for more information.

Board Game Night
Settlers of Catan, Dominion, Carcassonne?

New to the library between 7 and 9 PM: a fun night of strategy and competition playing Euro-style board games. This group is intended for high school students through adults. If you're a seasoned gamer, feel free to bring your own games; if you're new to this style of game play, here are some examples of what will be available:

Worker placement games (Settlers of Catan, Agricola)
Deck builders (Dominion, Ascension),
Cooperative games (Arkham Horror, Flash Point)

Join us to challenge yourself in friendly competition and meet some new Meeple. 
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Otaku Lebo
Otaku Lebo Asian pop culture club for middle and high school students will meet on the first Thursdays of every month when school is in session.
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Kendama, Pill & Yo Yo -- Skill Games
Bring your own Pill, Kendama, Yo Yo or other cup & ball or juggling games. Group will meet the 2nd & 3rd Tuesdays of each month (and can also play at Otaku-Lebo meetings!). At our first meetings we will look at how to play the games and competition possibilities. If you do not have a kendama, you can learn to make one in minutes! For Middle and High School.
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Lebo Nerdfighters
MORE than just a book group, Lebo Nerdfighters is an open discussion of mature teen literature and enjoyment of ALL things nerdy, like the writings of Nerdfighter founders Hank and John Green and "unpopular" nerd interests like Doctor Who, the zombie apocalypse, Steampunk, the Buffyverse, maker spaces, science and technology and everything else brilliant people like! Don't Forget To Be Awesome! For College and High School only. Snacks!. Volunteer community service hours may be available for students qualified to assist in group leadership, planning of group events or participation in other related library services. Can't make it? Check out our new group LEBO NERDFIGHTERS on Hank and Jon's ning: http://nerdfighters.ning.com/ choose Groups and search Lebo Nerdfighters. The ning is a great chance for college students to stay connected to our book discussions and activities while away from home or busy. Meeting time is currently scheduled as 2nd Friday of the month, but this may change based on group consensus, so check the ning or the library's Eventkeeper calendar to confirm and check for other group sponsored activities.
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