Exhibits, Displays & Gardens

Upper Gallery
Month Exhibit Artist
Glenn Walsh
July   Photography Erica Walstra
August Photography Mt. Lebanon Nature Conservancy

Lower Gallery
Month Exhibit Artist
Linda Cascio
Poetry/Photography John Rasczkiewicz
 August Paintings Chris Rohrbach
Display Cases
The dimensions of display cases are 34 inches by 15 inches (depth) by 66 inches (height) with five shelves.
Month Exhibit
 June  Garden Tour, Kathy Mays
 July  LGBT, Kristine Danowski

 Antique Dolls, Amy Lamment 
  August   Reflections/Arts in Education, Melissa Bailey
In the Gardens
The National Wildlife Federation has bestowed the Mt. Lebanon Library the Certification of Wildlife Habitat. The library garden offers the five elements conducive to a coveted natural environment necessary for wildlife to prosper:
  • A natural garden without chemicals
  • Food from native plants
  • Safety in raising young
  • Shrubs and trees for cover from predators
  • Water from the pond
Interested in Displaying Your Artwork
If you are interested in displaying your art work in the library galleries, please see Gallery Guidelines.