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The Mt. Lebanon Genealogy Society meets at 1 PM on the third Monday of the month, September through November and January through May, in the Mt. Lebanon Library. You're welcome to join us. We meet in one of the two Conference Rooms on the lower level of the library. Check the library's Calendar of Events for specific dates and location. All meetings are free and open to the public.

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February 20 -
The speaker for the February 20th meeting of the Mt. Lebanon Genealogy Society will be Rich Venezia, professional genealogist and President of the North Hills Genealogists.  Rich's topic will be "Italian-Americans: Find Your Roots in the Old Country".  Learn the basics of Italian records, what’s available and where, and tips and tricks for finding elusive ancestors. Discover your famiglia and make Nonna proud!

23 - Many records we find have the husband's first and last name listed but only the wife's first name. So how do you find a woman's maiden name when you only find her living with her husband? This is key to finding her parents and earlier generations of her family. This talk by Jim Stuber will show multiple proven techniques to find her given name from internet sources which are free to search.

Meeting Notes from 2016

November -
Our presenter in November will be Jay Shock and will focus on research in the Pittsburgh area.  That means the city of Pittsburgh, but may "ooze out" at least a bit into the rest of Allegheny County, if not into a neighboring county or two.  Most of us have dug through Ancestry, FamilySearch, etc, so this session will focus on other sources - some online, some not, and many not so well known.  We would like everyone in the group, audience as well as presenter, to come armed with their best, perhaps not so well known, sources of Pittsburgh area family history information.  They could be church records, newspapers, ethnic resources, anything that has helped you to further your research in the area.  Link to Meeting Notes

- The October meeting of the Mt. Lebanon Genealogy Society will be a viewing of the video by Crista Cowen titled "Lesser Known Ports of Immigration." She actually covers all the ports and gives good tips on finding your ancestors where ever they arrived. Since Crista only talks about information on, after the video Jim Stuber will cover several additional useful sources. There will be ample time to answer questions and for the audience to share their own tips and techniques. Link to Meeting Notes

The September meeting of the Mt. Lebanon Genealogy Society on the 19th at 1:00 in the Mt. Lebanon Library will be "Problems and pitfalls of reasonably shallow research" presented by Elissa Scalise Powell, Certified Genealogist®, and Certified Genealogical Lecturer. Meetings are free and open to all. Link to Meeting Notes

May -
Our May presenter will be Jim Stuber, demonstrating how he used the tools and techniques presented in March's meeting “Getting Started in Genealogy”. These were used to complete one of the research requests he has done for members of the Mt. Lebanon Genealogy Society. Come see and learn how the tools were used to do an actual research project. Attendance is free and open to all. Link to Meeting Notes

April - The April meeting of the Mt. Lebanon Genealogy Society on the 18th at 1:00 in the Mt. Lebanon Library will be a talk by Carol Hoffman, Ph.D and President of LitvakSIG, the Lithuanian-Jewish Special Interest Group.  Her talk will be on Lithuanian Jewry and tracing roots in Lithuania.  During the question and answer part of the talk she will answer questions with examples from online databases.  Attendance is free and open to all. Link to Meeting Notes

March -
The speaker for the March meeting of the Mt. Lebanon Genealogy Society will be Jim Stuber on “Getting Started in Genealogy”.  The presentation will be a survey of techniques and tools for a beginner to start researching their ancestors, and the more advanced person can learn about resources they aren’t currently using.  There will be time during and after the talk for questions and answers. Link to Meeting Notes

- The speaker for the Mt. Lebanon Genealogy Society meeting on February 15th at 1:00 will be Marilyn Cocchiola Holt, head of the Pennsylvania Department of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Marilyn always brings out our largest audiences with her wealth of information and interesting anecdotes. Link to Meeting Notes

January 25th, 2016 - The January meeting of the Mt. Lebanon Genealogy Society will be a viewing of the video "Five Reasons You're Not Finding Your Ancestor".  We'll follow that with a group discussion about the video and have time to answer any questions you have on it, or any other genealogy topic.  Come to share your expertise, or learn from others who are further down the genealogy trail than you are. Link to Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes from 2015

January - Our January meeting will be an open discussion and round table for members new and old.  If you're an experienced researcher, share your best tips for doing genealogy in Western PA.  Or anywhere else for that matter.  If you're a new member, this is your chance to get tips on how to get started.  Or if you're just at a brick wall on one of your ancestors, ask and see if one of our members has some new avenues for you to try. Link to Meeting Notes

February - Our February meeting will be demonstrations of several tools in the Google product suite. If you've attended our meetings in the past you've heard us say the three best sources of information are, and Google search. This meeting will demonstrate the use of the most important of the Google tools for genealogy research: search, books, alerts and newspapers. The first three topics will be taught using online videos, the last by a live demonstration of Google's extensive archive of newspapers. Link to Meeting Notes

March - Amy E. K. Arner will discuss how and where to find birth, death, and marriage records in Pennsylvania. She will show examples of each type of document and what kinds of valuable information researchers can find in them. Link to Meeting Notes

April 20 - Marilyn Holt returns for her annual visit to our group. Marilyn will present topics of interest to those new at genealogy and those well along their journey. Marilyn is always our most popular speaker so don't miss this opportunity to improve your genealogy skills and knowledge. Link to Meeting Notes

May 18 - Jim Stuber will describe how to use the resources available through the Family History Centers, including free online resources at, historical records from all around the globe on microfilm, the most popular web sites free to use at the local Family History Centers, and more. If you aren't using these to their fullest, you're missing out on the single best source of genealogy information in the world, all available from your home or a short trip to Green Tree. Link to Meeting Notes

September - The Mt. Lebanon Genealogy Society will not be meeting in September.  We will resume our regular meetings on October 19th.

October -
The October meeting of the Mt. Lebanon Genealogy Society on October 19th at 1:00 will be a viewing of a video titled "Finding Your Immigrant Ancestors", with time for discussion by the group and answers to your specific questions.  Tracking ancestors back across the ocean is often one of the most difficult issues when doing genealogy research.  Come and learn how the experts do it.  Link To Meeting Notes

November -
The November 16th meeting of the Mt. Lebanon Genealogy Society will be a presentation by Rebecca Kichta Miller on Finding Your Irish Ancestors.  Ireland is a notoriously difficult country to research ancestors, but Rebecca brings her years of experience to help you find them there.  If they're going to be found, Rebecca will show you the way.  Link to Meeting Notes

December -
no meeting in December.

Meeting Notes from 2014

January - No Meeting

February 17th – A video from the popular presenter: The Barefoot Genealogist, Crista Cowan. The 30 minutes video, entitled "Approach Your Family History Research Like A Pro", will be followed by a Q/A session on the material we just viewed, or any other questions attendees would like to ask.

March 17th – Marilyn Cocchiola Holt returns for her annual visit to our society. Marilyn is our most popular presenter each year. This year’s topic is “Researching Your Ancestors in Europe”, one of our top requested topics.

April 21st - Jay Shock will speak on “Church and Cemetery Records: A Complement to Online Research”.

May 19th - Diane Klinefelter is a professional genealogist, author and historian specializing in military records. She will give a talk on "Finding the Veterans in Your Family." Because military records often hold such rich and detailed information, it is no wonder genealogists want to look for all the family members who served in our armed forces. This talk will provide tips on identifying ancestors that served, where to find the records and what genealogical information can be gained from them.

September 15 - The September meeting will be a presentation by Jim Stuber. He will show how he did the research to provide one of our members new information on their ancestors. See an actual demonstration of how the wealth of information from, and make genealogy research easier than ever before.

October 20 - DNA testing and genealogy research

November 17 - Elissa Scalise Powell, well known genealogy researcher and presenter in Western Pennsylvania will discuss:  “What's a Prothonotary?: Your Guide to Pennsylvania Court House Records”

December 15th - No Meeting in December