Mt. Lebanon High School Yearbook Archive

The Mt. Lebanon Public Library has digitized and is currently archiving online our collection of Mt. Lebanon High School Yearbooks.  Each file contains one year's yearbook.  The files are PDF format and about 25MB in size.  They have been scanned with OCR (optical character recognition) software so that they are searchable. You can download individual yearbooks and view them in any PDF viewer and use that PDF viewer's search function (e.g. CTRL-F) to search for names, etc.  However, please note that the quality and clarity of the original document that was scanned will determine the accuracy and availability of searchable terms.  In other words, not everything that appears in every yearbook will appear in search results.  You can also search the entire yearbook archive by using the link and instructions below.

Yearbooks by Year (1931 - Present)

Go to all yearbooks listed by year. You can search individual yearbooks once opened using your PDF viewer's search function. Please note: we are currently still uploading our entire yearbook archive. Additional volumes coming soon!

Search Entire Yearbook Archive

You can search the entire Yearbook Archive using this link.  Be sure to choose the Yearbook Archive in the archive drop-down so you do not get results from our other archives.

Let us know if you have questions or feedback here.

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