Bank Rate
At Bank Rate you can check on interest rates for any kind of loan. Compare rates, from mortgages to home equity to CDs, 100 High and more. - Historical Stock Lookup
Big Chart's Historical Stock Lookup is a very useful resource for looking up how a particular stock performed on a past date.

Bloomberg is an excellent site for market analysis and news. It is the leading global provider of data, news and analytics with media services that provide real-time and archived financial and market data, pricing, trading, news and communications tools.

Motley Fool
Motley Fool is one of the best investment and stock tip sites on the web. Read lots of articles on the market, track the market and decide on the best ways to invest your money.

The Street
The Street is a website from Jim Cramer (stock market guru). It gives you lots of useful stock and investment tips, articles on various industries and corporations to help you make the best decisions about how and when to invest in what parts of the market.