Battle of the Books Trivia Nights FAQ

  • What is Battle of the Books? 

Battle of the Books is a series of trivia nights designed to reinforce reading and retention skills for kids going into 4th and 5th grades.  (i.e. Any student finishing 3rd or 4th grade this June). Kids read books from a list created by librarians for each trivia night. Teams will be selected randomly at the beginning of each event, and will compete against other teams to answer questions about the books. 


  • When are the battles?

There will be two trivia nights: Wednesday, July 19th, and Wednesday, August 23th. 4th grade at 6:00; 5th grade at 7:30 pm. Kids can compete in one or both trivia nights!


  • How do I participate in BOB?

Registration will open on June 12th for the first battle, and July 19th for the second battle. Each participant will register individually. 


  • How does BOB work?

There are two divisions: kids going into 4th grade and kids going into 5th grade. Each division has its own book list and trivia battles. Participants are responsible for reading all four books on their grade’s list.  Librarians will prepare trivia questions for each title. The questions are read by the moderator during the battle and if the designated team answers the question correctly, they earn a point.  If that team doesn’t provide the correct answer, the question is then posed to all the teams at once.  The first eligible team to hit their buzzer gets a chance to answer.   Whichever team answers the question correctly gets the point.  The team with the most points at the end of the battle wins. 


  • How do the teams work?

Teams will be designated randomly at the beginning of each trivia night. There will be a minimum of 2 and maximum of 5 participants per team.


  • When do I start reading?

The first book lists will be released on June 21st for the July battle. The second will be released July 26th for the August battle. There will a special BOB book display in the library with any available copies. You should not wait for a book to be available on the display. If a book is not available at Mt. Lebanon Public Library, please request it from another library. You can do this from a computer at or by talking with a librarian. Many of the titles are also available as ebooks or audio on Hoopla or Libby via the library’s home page.


  • Do I have to read all of the books on the list?

Yes - each participant should read all 4 books on their grade’s reading list for that battle. Trivia questions will be pulled from all titles. Teams will work together to provide their best answer if it’s their turn.


  • What if I have questions?

Ask to speak with Children’s Librarian Scott Buchanan.  The easiest way to reach him is to send an email to