September 12th was Love Your Lebo Library Day - Check out our Love Your Library Day Virtual Programs here

Love Your Library. What a perfect concept. A simple request to show your appreciation for your Mt. Lebanon Public Library. During the month of September, we hope you will honor that request and support your library. In our current stressed situation, the most tangible way to give assistance to the library is by writing a check or by donating online.

This year your gifts are critical. Pittsburgh’s Jack Buncher Foundation understands this critical need and has pledged $200,000 in matching funds to all of libraries in the Allegheny County Library Association, this includes your Mt. Lebanon Public Library. For each dollar raised in September, Mt. Lebanon Public Library will receive a percentage of that generous $200,000 grant.

The closure of the library due to the COVID-19 crisis necessitated the cancellation of our in-person Garden Tour and Beer Garden fundraisers, the closure of the Book Cellar and the cancellation of our September Pop-Up Book Sale. The loss of this income has affected our partners, the Friends of the Mt. Lebanon Public Library in a devastating way completely curtailing their fundraising efforts. The Friends estimates up to a 70% reduction in their average annual funds raised.

We really need your help. Please celebrate with us the many ways we Love Our Library. Make your gift today.