Summer Reading Details

How to Sign Up on a Desktop or Laptop Computer:

  • Please note: Due to a system change, you will need to create a new Beanstack account if you used the program for previous Summer Reading challenges.
  • Go to
  • Select "I am registering myself" only if you have your own email and do not want to be part of a family account. If you are setting up an account for a child or family, skip down to "How to Sign Up Children or Families".
  • You will log in and track independently.
  • An individual account can’t be added to an existing family account without losing progress and prizes earned.

How to Sign Up Children or Families:

  • Select I am an adult registering a child.
  • Everyone in a family can access the account with the same username and password
  • Each member can track progress and earn prizes at their own pace.
  • Each member is automatically enrolled in the right program based on age and grade in the Fall.
  • Adults do not have to sign themselves up to log minutes. You can have just children on the family account.

How to Sign Up on Your Smartphone or Tablet Using the Beanstack Tracker App:

  • Search for Beanstack Tracker on the Apple App Store or Google Play store. Download to your device.
  • Click Let's Go
  • Click on the blue button marked School, Library or Bookstore.
  • Go to Find a Site and search for Mt Lebanon Library. Tap the library name to get to the login screen.
  • Click on Don’t Have an Account? Sign Up! to get to the registration screen.
  • Add email, username, and create a password.
  • Personal Information: First Name and Last Name and Phone Number.
  • After the account has been created, there is the option to either Fill Out My Reader Profile (this must be completed if the account holder wants to participate in a reading challenge) or Add A Reader (for a family account with the parent not participating in a reading challenge). You can always update the account profile to participate in challenges or to add additional readers.
  • Enter age. You can add an optional profile picture.  You will be asked to enter a grade level. For adults you will have an adult option.  You have the option to enter a school if appropriate. 
  • Select the correct Mt. Lebanon Public Library Reading Challenge for the reader you are adding. Click on the register button. Confirm if prompted and you are now registered! You will receive an email confirmation that you have successfully registered. Please check your spam.
  • Your reading profile is complete. You can at this point choose to add another reader.
  • Your Beanstack home screen will allow you to see your reading stats, all your titles that you have logged, all your challenges and reviews. 
  • Select the plus sign to log in your reading and activities. See the logging instructions below for more information about tracking progress.

Logging Your Reading and Activities

How to Log Reading and Activities:

Reading and activities can be logged through the Beanstack app, the website, or both! There are a few methods for logging reading, and no matter which method you use, you will still earn points. 

In a Web Browser (Desktop or Laptop Computer)

  • Log in to Beanstack & select the correct challenge.
  • Click Log Reading in the upper left corner of the page (it is a big red button!)
  • If you have a family account that covers multiple children, chose who you are logging for using the dropdown menu.
  • Choose what you would like to log using the icons: Books or Minutes.
  • Once you have clicked your icon of choice, fill in the information on the page you opened (book titles, authors, and personal reviews are always optional—no need to do more than add anything more than simple numbers or set the timer to track a reading session).
  • If you are completing an activity, go to Badges, then Activity Badges. Choose your activity and click the circle next to the instructions.

 In the App:

  • Log in to Beanstack & select the correct challenge.
  • Tap the plus sign to log your reading and activities 
  • You can log specific books or log without a title. If you are looking a specific book, search and save the title, then choose Quick Complete if you are logging a book you finished, Log Reading if you are tracking by minutes, or Start Timer if you want to time and log a reading session.
  • Choose Log Without a Title if you want to just log minutes read (there is no timer in this option).
  • To log activities scroll down and click the activity you would like to complete. 
  • Note: You will not earn points for pages read or writing reviews for this challenge!

Logging within the app can be done on any page with the plus (+) icon at the bottom of the screen.