Voting Information

September is the time to begin preparing for the mid-term elections in November. Once again, we recommend taking advantage of the bi-partisan voter resources made available on the League of Women Voters of Greater Pittsburgh's Website.

We recommend getting to know the candidates by watching the Candidate Forums and reviewing the League of Women Voter's Voters Guide.

Follow the League of Women Voters of Greater Pittsburgh's "Make a Plan to Vote" guide to register to vote or update your registration, decide on your voting method (in-person/mail-in ballot) and access paper voter registration applications.

Verify your voting registration status , find out where to return your paper ballot, and locate your polling place on the Vote PA Website.

For live updates on all things related to the 2022 midterm elections, we recommend WESA's Voter Guide.

The library now has voting registration applications.

The Year of Redistricting

2022 is the 10th year of the redistricting cycle in Pennsylvania. Every 10 years Congressional and State voting districts are drawn following each US Census.

The redistricting cycle’s coincidence with the U.S. Census cycle is intended to ensure that voting is reflective of regional population changes. This is an essential action that maintains fair elections.

To find out more about how redistricting works by visiting the Fair District and Ballotpedia.

To find out more about how the new redistricting map is progressing as well as the preliminary plan we recommend visiting the State of Pennsylvania’s webpage on redistricting.

“The 2021 Pennsylvania Legislative Reapportionment Commission, on December 16, 2021, approved a Preliminary Reapportionment Plan for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and Pennsylvania Senate, in accordance with Pennsylvania Constitution, Article II, Section 17(c). The Commission has filed the Preliminary Plan with the Secretary of the Commonwealth, and the Preliminary Plan is available on the Commission's website.”

New Developments since December 2021:

Following the December 16th, 2021 preliminary plan House Bill 2207 was proposed.

House Bill 2207:
In response to the Preliminary plan a Joint Resolution proposing integrated amendments to the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, further providing for Legislative Reapportionment Commission and providing for the Citizens' Legislative Reapportionment Commission was made in the Pennsylvania General Assembly. To find out more about House Bill 2207 we recommend reviewing the resolution and its history on the Pennsylvania General Assembly’s website.

To find out why Fair Districts PA and the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania oppose this resolution we recommend reviewing their public statements and supplied information:

Fair Districts PA Opposition to House Bill 2207

League of Women Voters of Opposition to HB2207 on the League of Women Voters of Greater Pittsburgh website