Art Gallery Guidelines

The library provides its gallery space free of charge to artists in the Pittsburgh area.

Length of exhibit

One month – beginning the first day of the month and ending on the last day of the month.

What may be included

Name, business card, or other contact information; artist biographical information; artistic statements, or other explanatory information; titles, dates; photo of artist.

What may not be included

Because children use the gallery entrances, nudes or images in violation of 18 PA. Cons. Stat. Sec. 5903 cannot be included in exhibits.

Pricing and/or advertising for business is not allowed.


The Upstairs Gallery is red brick and runs 45 feet along the entrance ramp from the top of the gallery, where it is 3 feet high, to the bottom of the ramp where it is 6 feet high. The gallery is lit by a wall of windows on the west side of the building, directly across from the exhibit space, and indirect lighting fixtures above the track.

The Downstairs Gallery is drywall and runs 30 feet long on the meeting room side.

What the library provides

Wires with hangers; rolling ladders (artists are responsible for hanging their own art); security system; publicity on the library web site. In addition, the municipality carries insurance on the library and all of its contents, including temporary displays.

Hanging specifications

There are approximately 16 wires with hooks that will support 8 pounds each. When hanging titles for pieces, please tape or attach these directly to the frames, as tape and adhesives damage the walls.


Artists will receive a confirmation phone call or email one month prior to their show.

Meet the artist

Artists may have a reception to discuss their work. Food and beverages (no alcohol) are permitted in the gallery areas only. All refreshments, set up, and clean up are the artist’s responsibility. The event must be held during the library’s hours of operation.

PLEASE TELEPHONE: 412 531-1912, ext. 230