Gale Courses

Learn something new with 360+ instructor-led, online classes!

Classes are 6 weeks long, 360+ online courses, available 24/7, New Classes start each month

Hundreds of courses focused on professional development, technology skills, and personal enrichment. Six-week long courses are taught entirely online by instructors, and new sessions begin every month. 

Gale Courses Enrollment Guide(PDF)  | Exploring and Enrolling Tutorial(VIDEO)

Basic Enrollment Instructions:

  1. Browse the Course Catalog
  2. Find a course you’d like to take 
  3. Click ’Enroll Now’
  4. Choose your preferred start date (courses typically start each month on the 2nd Wednesday) 
  5. Click on ’Continue Enrollment’ 
  6. New to Gale Courses? Create an Account. Note: You don’t have to provide all requested personal information if you choose not to - you may enter generic info in the blanks (e.g. phone number: 888-888-8888, etc.) You do have to provide a working email address to log in and use the service.
  7.  Already Registered? Log in.  
  8. Provide any additional information (see note above about personal info)
  9. Click ’Continue Enrollment’
  10. Enter your library card number and click ’Use Library Card’ note: you must use a Mt Lebanon Public Library card. If you don’t have one call 412-531-1912 and talk to a librarian about getting one.

Next you will see a thank you for your Enrollment page.

Please read the notice: You must remain current and active with your studies or you will lose access to the course(s) listed below.

This means you need to enter your classroom and access course content regularly so that your enrollment remains active.

Taking a Course (once you’re enrolled)

  1. If you’ve just enrolled, click on ’Enter My Classroom’
  2. If you just logged in, click on ’My Classroom’ at the top of the page
  3. You will see a list of your active courses. 
  4. You may check out the ’Orientation’ page if this is your first time taking a Gale Course.
  5. Otherwise, click ’Enter’ to access the course you want work on.
  6. Once you have entered your course, you will see your Learning Path
  7. From here, you should start with the first module that is available and work through the lessons in order - new lessons will open up each week. You can hover over locked lessons to see when they will become available.
  8. Again, don’t forget to log in often and keep up with the lessons so your account remains active.
  9. The final exam is optional, but if you take it and pass, you will be given the opportunity to receive a certificate with the name that is on your account. (The name can be changed if necessary, please contact the library).


Please let us know if you have any questions or need help enrolling in a course.  Librarians are available to help: 412-531-1912 or use our online form.