Winter Reading Challenge

Winter Reading Challenge

Adult Winter Reading Challenge 2023 

January 23rd-March 20th

The cold days and long nights of deep winter are perfect for cuddling up with a good book. With the new year many of us are setting reading goals and challenges for ourselves. We here at Mt. Lebanon Public Library would like to encourage both the comfort of cuddling up with a good book and the dedication to reading throughout the year by offering the incentive of our Adult Winter Reading Challenge. 

Click here to register for the program. 

Once registered, you can: 

  • Log Reading and Activities. You must enter a title of a book read to complete a logged reading activity. You can challenge yourself by completing our additional "Activity" Challenges. To see all the "Activity Challenges" go to the "Badges" feature and click on the "Activity Badges" link. 
  • Connect with other "Friends" that are registered in the challenge to share reviews and reading activity.
  • Write book reviews in the "Reviews" feature. Your reviews will be saved as long as you are registered in our Beanstack Challenges. You can share these reviews by using the "Friends" feature mentioned above. You will earn tickets for each book review submitted.
  • You can view all badges earned in this challenge. Badges are used as benchmarks based on the number of books read.
  • You can select prizes to allocate your tickets in the "Ticket Drawings" feature. You can choose to add all your tickets to one prize or spread them around with multiple prizes. 

Win prizes:

  • Prize tickets are awarded for the following activities:
    • Register for the program
    • Logging a book (the more books you read, the more tickets you earn)
    • Writing a book review
    • Completing an Activity Challenge

We will be drawing random weekly prize winners each Monday starting Monday, January 30th. 

We will award book bundle prizes based on raffle drawings for each prize. The book bundle prizes will be awarded at the end of the program.

We will send out weekly newsletters that include book lists and book reviews to encourage you to keep reading!